JI Interface-Canada Services Corp is an international trading and marketing company registered with Corporation Canada that with its firm conviction is committed to having a strong presence in import-export world markets.

Agricultural food products

agricultural food products image

For ages Canada has been at the forefront of dealing with numerous global challenges of food-shortages. As the world population is  growing at a high rate, the global communities of agri-food productions and supply chains are grappling with meeting an ever increasing high demand for food.

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apparel from JI Interface

Armed with an in-depth knowledge of the local apparel market, our offshore agents in Bangladesh help us provide Canadian companies the tools to import high-quality garments of all varieties.

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Canadian 100% Synthetic Motor Oil

100% Canadian Synthetic Motor Oil

ECOTEK is located in the city of Woodbridge, Canada prides itself on making the most efficient and cost effective 100% Synthetic Motor oils in the world for Automobiles and machinery that well exceed the standards, specs and guidelines set by the API (American Petroleum Institute).

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